Sell your F1 Collection to Us

Are you looking to sell your F1 model or F1 memorabilia collection?

F1 Model Store is always looking for quality well kept collections of:

– F1 Model Cars (Minichamps, Spark, Hotwheels, Onyx, Burago or Atlas Editions)
– F1 Figurines (Sheercast, Endurance, Minichamps) and Driver Helmets.
– Memorabilia such as signed F1 photos, rare coins and medals.
– Race used or Replica signed helmet visors, carbon car parts from Formula One cars.
– Signed Race programmes, vintage or modern day, as long as they are in great shape.

We mainly purchase from people that live in London, plus the surrounding M25 region, Surrey, Kent and Sussex. If you are looking for a cash sale and want to sell your F1 model or memorabilia collection, then please get in touch with more details of what you have to sell.

Condition is an important factor, when we consider buying a collection. We only buy items that have been well looked after, and that have been stored appropriately. For example, we avoid purchasing models that have scratched or cracked cases, faded plinths, missing original sleeves, lifting decals etc.

If you decide to contact us about selling your F1 collection, please provide some core information such as:

– Your location in the UK, and your contact phone number.

– What the collection consists of, their condition and a count of the items.

– Also give a rough idea of the price you are seeking to achieve. This will help us determine whether a deal is viable. (Please don’t say “I saw it on Ebay for X amount”, which seems to have become prevalent these days, it has absolutely no bearing on the value of a collection being purchased in bulk by a dealer. If you do quote an unrealistic price, we simply will not reply to your enquiry.)

– If you have a written list of what you have, then that is ideal.

– If you do not have a text list of your items, and there are too many items to list, you can send some pictures of your collection via WhatsApp to 07453 341 562.

It will give us a general idea of what’s there. Make sure your pictures are clear, taken in natural day light, at a good pixel resolution. You can group items together initially, and if we are interested, we might ask for individual close ups for each item.

– The more information you can provide us with about what you have to sell, upon initial contact the better.

If you’ve read the above, and think you have something we might want, then feel free to contact us. We have cash waiting for the right deal.